Given the nature of our waterways – open ocean, shallow inlets and estuaries and a working harbour- Marine Rescue Bunbury operates a diverse fleet of three boats and one truck.

1. Spirit of Bunbury III – 10.8m Oceancat

Our prime rescue vessel is an Elite Marine-built Oceancat.  In 2021 she underwent a major refit. She is now powered by two Volvo Penta D6 380hp inboard motors with duo prop stern drive.  She is capable of 34 knots top speed, with a comfortable cruise of 24-26 knots. At this speed and with its 1200 litres of fuel, it has a range of 350 nautical miles (640kms).  She has a new TracPlus tracking system fitted. For the comfort of the crew, five new ‘Shockwave’ suspension seats. The rear canopy has been shortened to allow deck space for winching training with the RAC Rescue Helicopter.  The windows have been replaced, so we can now see clearly out of them. She is sporting a new paint job with current DFES branding.  Pictured here training with RAC Rescue 652 helicopter

2. Dingo Marley – 7.5m Air Rider

Our secondary rescue vessel is a 7.5m latest generation Air Rider equipped with twin Suzuki four-stroke outboards totalling 400hp. Built by Westerberg in Albany, Dingo Marley has a top speed of 41knots and can carry 500 litres of fuel.


3. Polycraft 4.50m Drifter Frontrunner

Primarily used for training and some closed-water work, our Polycraft is powered by a Yamaha 30 hp four-stroke outboard. The combination of the smooth Yamaha and strong, plastic hull, makes this a quiet and pleasurable boat to use. All our members love it.

4. Hino truck